How Nept Japan works

NePt Japan is an independent PR/Marketing consulting agency based in Tokyo, specializing in branding and starting up new business. NePt Japan will take a custom approach for each and every client we work with. Let us help your brand reach your audience and get real results with an effective publicity campaign overseas.

Event Booking and Management
Need music for your event? Or a Japanese mascot? NePt Japan specializes in international conventions and events. NePt Japan will bring people together, make your talent buying smooth and make sure it matches your passion. We have a boutique public relations, branding, and social media team to spice up your event with exciting artists and panel speakers such as Japanese manga artists, anime producers, colorful mascots, music DJs, EDM dancers, and more.
Connect your business
We will help you launch your new business in Japan, navigate Japan’s complicated business culture, and engage the right customers and prospects for your brand. We facilitate deals between you and oversea partners. Our strength is creating smooth cultural communication between businesses, with several years’ experience in the entertainment, food, manufacturing, education industries in USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, China and Middle East.
If you are a non-Japanese company trying to launch your business in Japan for the first time, you might find it hard to build your style? look? design? or placement? We will support and work with you to start your business with the right image, strong business connections, and important local resources.
Customized Multimedia Promotion
Looking for a PR company in Japan? Do you want to start small? Or make a big splash right away? Using a fund? Cross promotions on SNS? There are various ways to achieve your PR goals, and NePt Japan has connections to more than 2000 media outlets in Japan. We also have PR partners in USA, France, and 12 countries in Asia. With traditional to digital publications, we will find the best strategy to suit your budget.