NePt Japan is a professional consultant, special ized in market ing and PR for the creative content and entertainment industry, based in Tokyo, Japan. Established in 2015, the state-of-the-art international agency has succeeded in representing and promoting Japanese cultural content and arts, in the area of music, animation and other exciting audio-visual content for the export market.
Our agency’s functions include brand management, business development & marketing, business matching, talent management, and international mission coordination. To date, we’ve represented a myriad of industry clients of all sizes in as many as 20 over international and domestic trade shows, which includes:

Japan Expo, Anime Expo, J-Pop Summit, Hyper Japan, Middle East Film and ComiCon, Abu Dhabi Ani:Me, Anime Los Angeles, MomoCon, Otakuthon, Fan Expo Canada, KLTCC and Tokyo International Music Market


Do you want to enter you company in a Japanese comic con? NePt Japan specializes in international conventions and events. Let us streamline the logistics for you.

|| Comic con, Anime & Game events

|| Music events


Not sure how to brand your business in Japan? Our experienced branding specialists and promoters will help you.

|| Branding Design

|| Product Design & Placement


Launching your business in Japan? We will gladly connect you with Japanese companies in your industry.

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